Advances and Scientific Merits in Aquaculture & Fisheries

February 10-12, 2020 | Alberta, Canada

Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference 2020

Aquaculture in Canada concludes that there is need for a national strategic plan to increase aquaculture production and to simplify the regulatory framework to reduce uncertainties and delays that have limited growth in the sector, while fostering greater involvement of First Nation communities. There is potential for significant increases in Canadian aquaculture production to increase domestic supplies and create export opportunities. Endling Scientific Merits planned to organize an international conference on “Advances and Scientific Merits in Aquaculture & Fisheries” at Alberta, Canada during February-10-12 2020.


Aquaculture development

Feeding and nutrition in Aquaculture

Aquaculture and Fisheries economics

Biotechnology and genetics in Aquaculture

Aquatic health management and diseases

Oceanography & Environmental impacts

Fish Biology: Immunology, Physiology & Pathology

Fisheries, Aquaculture and climate change

Quality assurance in Aquaculture

Micro and macro algae farming

Aquaculture of ornamental species

Aquaculture engineering & Aquaponics

Aquaculture management & waste management systems

Aquaculture production and food safety

Sea food sustainability & safety

Aquaculture tools & technologies

Organic aquaculture

Post harvest technology and value addition of aquaculture products

Aquatic Ecology & Ecosystems

Aquatic By-products and applications

Freshwater, deep Water and demurral fisheries reproduction & breeding

Shrimp, Shellfish culture

Aquatic resources and environmental management

Environmental impacts of aquaculture and/or fisheries

Marine biology, oceanography and conservation

Aquaculture of ornamental species

Aquaculture Law & Policy

Fisheries management ,policy and governance

Supply chain management in aquatic products

Quality Assurance in Aquaculture

Cage farming

Aquaculture Education, Extension & Outreach

Women in Aquaculture in developing countries

Strategies for future Aquaculture development

Laser-metrics on Fisheries


Academicians and researchers in aquaculture and fisheries

Aquaculture nutritionist

Aquaculture engineers

Aquaculture consultants

Aquaculture technical contractors

Fisheries/ aquaculture students

Fisheries/ aquaculture professors

Marine biologist

Entrepreneurs in aquaculture and fisheries

Entrepreneurs in aquaculture and fisheries

Policy makers

Aquaculture and fisheries farmers

Professional societies and associations of aquaculture and fisheries

Members of Organizing Committee

Dr. Steven M. Vamosi

University of Calgary

Dr. Said Elshahat Abdallah

Kafrelsheikh University

Dr. Ashish Motiram Paturkar

Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur, India

Dr. Koushik Ghosh

The University of Burdwan

Dr. Editrudith

South Africa

Dr. Abdelaziz Nour

Alexandria University

Dr. Jericardo S. Mondragon

Chief, BFAR-National Mariculture Center and National President BFAR-EU


Alberta, Canada

+1 612 345 3834



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