Advances and Scientific Merits in Aquaculture & Fisheries

February 10-12, 2020 | Alberta, Canada


Dr. Catterina Sobenes Vennekool

Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion

Dr. Catterina Sobenes Vennekool is a Chief Master in Environment Program of Catholic University of Concepción. Department of Environment and Energy. Her academic degree is Fisheries Engineer, Master in Economic and Environmental Resources and Dr. in Environmental Sciencies. Her lines of investigation is Hydroecology for the sustainability of aquatic species and Aquaculture..

Dr. Swati Mittal

Banaras Hindu University

Dr. Swati Mittal is the professor of Banaras Hindu University, India. Her specialization is Fish Biology and research is focused on the biology of teleost fish. She awarded as Best Paper Award in (IC-CAST-2015), August 7-9, 2015 and October24-25, 2015 and Received B.H.U. Medal for standing first in Zoology, at the M.Sc. (Final) examination of 1996. Current Project Undertaken as Toxicity of dyeing chemicals used in carpet industries on the skin and gills of certain fresh water teleosts(P.I).

Dr. Rasha Mohamed Reda Mohamed

Zagazig University

Dr. Rasha Mohamed Reda is the professor of Fish Diseases and Management, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt. On April 22, 2019, she was obtained the Encouragement State Award in the field of agricultural sciences; one of the highest prizes for young researchers in the Arab Republic of Egypt. She is a principal investigator for three projects (The present project is The Joint Bilateral Agreement)

Carmen C. Polonia-Rivera

National School of Fishing Engineering. Autonomous University of Nayarit

Carmen Polonia studied in Autonomous University of Nayarit. Her thesis was selected among the best by COCYTEN and received an additional scholarship award. She is an innate leader, with two student representations during her degree at the University of Magdalena in Colombia. She worked with the Colombian Fisheries Statistical Service (SEPEC) evaluating the volumes of aquaculture production in the country. Published three articles, two newsletters.

Dr. Salifou Chakirath Folake Arike

University of Abomey-Calavi

Dr. Salifou Chakirath Folake Arike has completed her PhD at the age of 30 years from University of Abomey-Calvi and postdoctoral studies from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Liege in Belgium. She is the Deputy Head of Laboratoty of Animal Biotechnology and Meat Technology of Animal Health and Production Departement of Polytechnical School of University of Abomey-Calavi and Deputy Manager of strategy's center of Intitute of Food Security. She has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals.

Dr. Javed Gafur Khan Pathan

Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

Dr. Javed Gafur Khan Pathan is working as Head of the Department of Aquatic Environment Management, College of Fishery Science, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University (MAFSU). Worked as PI & Co-PI in the agency funded research projects. He has received The Best Scientific Oral Paper Presentation Award 2005, Best Research Paper of the Year 2006, published in Journal Ecophysiology and Occupational Health by The Academy of Environmental Biology. His research interest includes Fish reproductive biology, Aquaculture, Biodiversity & Aquatic Environment Management.

Yira Karina Jimenez Ojeda

Independent researcher

Yira Karina Jimenez Ojeda is specialist in Project Management with Investigation and Teaching Experience. She has worked with the cultivation under bioloc technology of native ornamental and consumer species of the Colombian Orinoquia and Amazonia. Currently independent researcher in the integration of technologies (RAS, Biofloc, Aquaponics, Agroaquaculture) for sustainable production. She is currently in the process of implementing her own su stainable farm where several production technologies will be integrated.

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